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Shorts documentaries from Colombia

  • KCLS Federal Way 848 South 320th Street Federal Way, WA, 98003 United States (map)

All the Short are US Premiere

Event Time: 2 hours

Country: Colombia

Raiting: PG

Guests in attendence:   Bruno  Oviedo: Director of Audio Visual Program of the National Unified Corporation (CUN), and Alejandra Quintero National Director of the Social Comunication Program of the National Unified Corporation of Education (CUN).

Walekeru A’nna: The Goddess’ Cocoon

Director: Oscar Oviedo



Running time: 7:40 min

In the dense darkness of the night, under a sky interwoven of stars, fine threads on different colors form the outline of an ancient tradition. This documentary shows the life and mores of colombian Wayuu culture, and the way they create their wonderful multicolored fabrics.

”… Wale ‘Keru is the spider, the only one that taught the Wayuu people. Making little paths it showed them the best way of weave and create patterns.”


Waishina Cainabi

Director: Luis Ángel Manjarrés

Short Documentary


Running time: 11 min

The Achagua indian community raises their voice against the current peace agreement that is being developed in Colombia. After knowing their culture, roots and beliefs, this reserve, located in Meta department is going to leave us a reflection thought about the respect for the earth, life and peace.


Maria Paz

Director: Carlos Cruz

Short-Film, Drama


Running time: 14:22 min

Maria Paz wonders aimlessly around the streets, with her bag and a clarinet and her only companion. Now her mission is to survive in a hostile world where her imagination is the only way to scape. This is a story about, friendship, music and kindness in a cold world.


A call to Salvador

Director: Norman Bernal

Experimental Short-film


Running time: 16:30 min

A call to Salvador is an oniric journey inspired in the life and work of Salvador Dalí. Is the story of a man trapped in his monotonous life, whose dreams awake him every night from the reality that is around him.


Between networks

Director: Gustavo Jiménez

Web Series


Chapter: Pilot

Running Time: 21:10 min

In 2016 Gabriel Rodríguez, a senior student of Experimental Psychology, is studying the synesthesia for his master thesis. One night in a lucid dream, Gabriel sees codes and papers floating around him. He was chosen by Edward Santos, a rebel who travels in past dreams, who leaves him clues for catching Infinitor, a killer of young and beautiful women.



Uroboros: The eternal return

Director: Yesid Marin

Web Series


Chapter: 2

Running time: 13:05 min

Mauricio, a young junkie with the ability to see dead people, and Tapuq, a shaman who has lost his spiritual abilities, meet with a spirit and start a lucrative business in which they help lost spirits leave the earth.



Sponsored by Neighborhood Department, Delta Air Lines, Seattle King County Library, Confederacion Nacional de Educacion Superior de Colombia, KEXP 90.3, KUOW 94.9.