1:00 PM

7:00 PM

Arte Flamenco On Fire

Documentary in competition

US Premiere

Venue: Varsity Theater*

Director: Joaquin Calderon

Running Time: 1hr 25 min

Country (Year): Spain (2018)

Category: Documentary

Genre: Music, art, culture, history

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Film Color: Color

Cast: Lita Cabellut, Pepe Habichuela, Antonio Canales, Manuela Carrasco, Juan Ramírez, Antonio Najarro, Farruquito, María Juncal, Jorge Pardo, Estrella Morente, Juan Verdú, Joaquín Albaicín, José María Velázquez Gaztelu, Karen Rubio Lugo, Josemi Carmona, Kiki Morente, Juan Habichuela Nieto, Remedios Amaya​

Essay of the world of flamenco, its Rajasthani Indian origins, its roots and its essence. It has the participation of the top artists from “Flamenco Sing or El Cante”, “Flamenco Play or El Toque” and “Flamenco Dance or El Baile” as well as Flamenco specialists or the world wide famous romani painter Lita Cabellut

*Parking: Free parking is available to movie-goers all weekend long and after 6:00 pm on weekdays at two lots. Both are across from each other on Brooklyn Avenue Northeast between 45th and 47th Streets. The lot on the east side of the street is primary, and the lot on the west side of Brooklyn is overflow.

7:00 PM

Green River. The time of the Yakurunas

Free Entrance

Documentary in competition

Venue: Wyckoff Auditorium, Seattle University

Director: Alvaro Sarmiento

Running Time: 1 hr 10 min

Country (Year): Peru (2017)

Genre: Indigenous, Culinary

Category: Documentary

Rating: General Audience

Language: Quechua, Spanish

Subtitles: English

Film Color: Color

Cast: Albina Tapullima, Andrea Sinarahua, Custodio Sangama, Julio Renerio, Samuel Sangama

Guided by ayahuasca chants, GREEN RIVER. THE TIME OF THE YAKURUNAS is a poetic journey into the depths of the Amazon. The film explores the perception of time in three small villages intertwined by the flowing waters of the Amazon river, immersing the viewer in a landscape inhabited by shamans and archetypical societies.



Monday, OCTOBER 8, 2018