During his Greeting to Seattle for the 2009 Seattle Latino Film Festival famous Activist and Actor Andy Garcia highlighted the essence of the festival when he said about the Seattle Latino Film Festival

"These kinds of festivals give the opportunity for cultural exchange, and we as people living in American society become a better society for having that sensibility about other people's plight and struggles." 

The Festival currently invites international filmmakers, producers and actors to participate in the festival with the specific purpose to engage the Seattle community in conversations that share cross cultural perspectives.

Outreach and education is equal to the our mission to introduce the magic of Latin American film. Beyond the festival itself, throughout the year we offer our expertise through educational activities to the whole community, at low or no cost to the Seattle area.

Currently, the Director of SLFF presents films and leads discussions at several area schools such as Lakeside School, Seattle University, University of WASHINGTON, AMONG other institutions.  The expected outcomes of the educational outreach component is to use film as a method of self-expression, to increase cultural dialogue and exchange, and to provide additional work related skills to the youth that participate.

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