Jorge Enrique

Founder & CEO

Gonzalez Pacheco is a Cuban poet, writer and cultural entrepreneur. He moved to the United States in 2003, and founded the festival in 2009. He worked for seven years at the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), and as a Film Industry Professional has collaborated with film festivals such as Miami International Film Festival (USA), Berlinale  (Germany) and World Cinema Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Photo by Katherine Wickhorst

Betty Santiago

Project Manager

Originally from Mexico Betty has been residing in Seattle for many years working in different organizations helping the Latino community. She has a passion for the Arts and Photography.

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Gisselle Pichardo

Social Media & Communications Coordinator

 Gisselle has been collaborating with the Seattle Latino Film Festival since 2015 as a Media and Communications Coordinator. She is a fitness enthusiast, an adventurer and a hiking lover.

Photo by Katherine Wickhorst

Altagracia Peralta Daly

Special Events Coordinator  

Industrial Engineer, Logistic and Business Specialist, Event Planning, Leadership Speaker. Altagracia enjoys reading books and sharing her skills with the people who need them.

Photo by Katherine Wickhorst

Lynette Vargas Garcia

Public Relation & Festival Coordinator 

Proudly from the heart of the Dominican Republic, Santiago. Networking is one of her great skills that Vargas loves to share. Lynette is a lover of public relations and social media.

Photo by Katherine Wickhorst





Doris Garcia

Marketing & Graphic Design Coordinator

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Doris moved to Seattle in 2011. With a background in Graphic Design and a love for all forms of art, Doris has worked in different Media, Advertisement, and Communication positions over the past several years. Campfires, exploring the PNW, and painting are her passions. 

Photo by Katherine Wickhorst

Katherine Wickhorst

Film Festival  Photographer

From California, and currently living in Seattle,  Katherine is a professor-turned-photographer who holds a PhD in French literature. Her fascination with images and mirrors became particularly apparent while writing her dissertation. In a somewhat strange—and yet somehow completely logical—turn of events, publishing articles on representation in French literature in France and the US has led Katherine to focus on capturing images with her camera lens.

Photo by Arnaud Hugonie